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You don't need me when you've got the heartbeat of a battery!!

Vibrator buzz. Is vibrator love

Vibrator buzz. Is vibrator love
3 July
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Party Monster is Club Kid L♥VE.

Trip-Hop is aural love

You want the day to fit to a soundtrack
Get a story get a life and get back
You've got nothing to shout about
You're over and out

She takes every scene they steal,
She takes every pain they feel,
She must be a Thelma or Louise,
She must be a post-modern sleaze

Altered states and egos
Potential less than zero
Found God in San Diego
Nothing comes to mind

whatever happened to that silly dream you had?
i want to make it real
i'd love to rub your back
like a plane crash that never hits the ground
i fall in love with you
im nose over tail for you
your voice like the sound of sirens to a house on fire
you're saving me

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